Functional and Stylish: Finding the Right Entryway Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Cabinet

One item of furniture that practically every home requires is a shoe cabinet. They are frequently positioned at the door to make it easier for family members to store and change their shoes. Not only should shoe cabinets be elegant, but they should also be useful. But a lot of people constantly think that their shoe cabinets are difficult to access because of things like ill-fitting shoes, odd sizes, etc. Today we will talk about things you need to pay attention to when designing shoe cabinets, let’s go!

Shoe Cabinet

Should be large:

Try to make the shoe cabinet as big as you can give the dimensions of the entryway. If circumstances allow, it should be turned into a massive shoe cabinet that reaches the sky. Never undervalue the quantity of shoes you own. You should set aside additional room for shoe storage if you wish to account for the future growth in the residential population. The amount of shoes will almost treble with an additional family member.

Ideal size:

Typically, the depth of shoe cabinets ranges from 350 to 400mm, ensuring that shoes for men are positioned flat. If the depth falls below 300mm, it’s advisable to design the partitions at an angle. The dimensions of personalized shoe cabinets are tailored to fit the available space. The height of each layer within the cabinet can be modified to accommodate the specific characteristics of the shoes. Commonly, the spacing between the grid levels is greater than 150mm, with options like 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, and 220mm. Should women own a larger collection of boots, these can also be accommodated based on the shoe’s height.

For completed shoe cabinets, the height is usually 600-1200mm, the length is 500-1200mm, and the deepness is about 300mm. The common size of finished shoe cabinets is 1000*300*1000mm.
Regarding the depth of the shoe cabinet, it is not that the deeper the better, because the length of shoes in size 47 is almost 30.5cm, which is considered to be a person with relatively large feet. Most people’s shoe sizes cannot be such a large size, so the shoe cabinet depth of 350mm is enough. , if the depth is deeper, it will not be very convenient to take the shoes, and it will be a waste of space.

Shoe cabinet design details

When customizing the shoe cabinet, you can add some small details, which will make it more convenient to use and more suitable for real life.

  • Bottom empty: Leave space at the bottom of the shoe cabinet to place slippers and shoes that you usually wear, or dirty shoes.
  • Shoe-changing stool: Always try to use stool to change the shoes. Especially when girls want to wear high heels or high boots, it would be too uncomfortable without a stool. It is much more convenient to design a shoe changing stool combined with the shoe cabinet.
  • Lighting: It is best to add light strips or down lights to increase the light, which is very practical.
  • Special storage area: Commonly used tiny items, such as keys, umbrellas etc can be stored in shoe cabinet drawer. Hooks can be combined with its structure to easily store the backpacks and jackets.
  • Full-length mirror: A full-length mirror can place with the door of narrow entryway shoe cabinet you pass by every day when you go out. It will be helpful to see the overall outfit after changing.
  • Partitions-Movable: Movable partitions can be design according to our requirements so that they can be attuned according to your own desires and can be used more lithely.
  • Moisture-proof: Narrow entryway Shoe cabinets should be moisture-proof, odor-proof and mildew-proof.


when you aim to design the shoe cabinet Brand “Giratree”, it should be synchronized with the mode of the entire house: the shoe cabinet not acts as a single entity, so it should be harmonized with the home beautification style of the intact house. If the general home decoration method tends to be warm, then it is not suggested to decide a color that is too cold for the shoe cabinet, and vice versa. Likewise. Further, it is also recommended that never follow the trend blindly, however, select one that suits your home decoration style.