How To Wash A Dirty Carpet With Easiest Steps

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We are going to mention some easy and simple tips to wash your dirty carpet. This article will help you to make your environment clean. Actually, if you have a neat and clean carpet then you are almost 90% saved from germs and diseases. Because, mostly diseases are caused by pollution, so if you have a pollution free carpet then you and your family are safe.

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So, let’s start with the details.

Step number 1: Shake the carpet to remove the objects:

First of all, shake the carpet well by hand to remove the dirt and dust from it. If the size and weight of carpet is easily carried, then it’s not a difficult task for you.  You can easily handle it and shake it well. But if you are going to wash a large sized carpet or a full room carpet, then shaking by hand is not possible for you. So, don’t worry about it. We’ll tell you the tip to make it easy to handle. Use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet. It makes the carpet dirt free and dust free. Then only stains remained after applying the vacuum. To remove them, follow the given steps.

Step number 2: Wet the carpet with water pipe:

After performing the first method, select the suitable area of the house where you want to wash your carpet. Then, make the carpet wet with the help of a water pipe or any water bucket. As the carpet becomes wet with water, go to the next step of washing.

Step number 3: Use detergent to remove stains:

The most important and necessary step of washing is pouring of detergent on the carpet. You can use the liquid form of detergent as well as solid powder form. Use it on all the parts of the carpet and make the foam on it but make sure you chose the best washing powder.

Step number 4: apply brush and rub the stained area on carpet:

In this step, apply the brush as well as any other equipment to remove the stains from the carpet. With the help of a brush you can also mix the detergent on the carpet to remove the smell from it. If you find a hardened stain which is not going to remove after the use of detergent. Then, baking soda is one of the best sodas that can handle the situation. Apply it on the stained area with the help of water. Then use the brush on that area to remove the mark.

  • Important tips:

If you are washing your carpet after a long time, then soak it for 8 to 9 hours in detergent. It will help to make it free from germs as well as from dust particles that are present inside the fabric of carpet. After the soaking in detergent for a long time, wash it with the clean water and remove the detergent. Again apply the water pipe and try to use your hands and foots for rubbing to remove the detergent from carpet. After completing all the steps, it’s time to make the carpet dry. You can apply wipers on the mat to remove extra water. It will help you to dry the carpet early. Sometimes carpet has hardened stains such as blood, coffee and chocolate etc. So, these stains are difficult to remove by simple washing as given above. In this way, some special methods are applied to remove the stains or dirt from carpet in houses by hand washing.