Tips to Make no Mistake in Renovating Bathrooms and Kitchens


The kitchen, one of the places with the highest concentration of electrical equipment, and the bathroom, which houses the most pipes, require special attention in residential renovations. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, plumbing and electrical experts have come up with some important tips for those who are renovating or planning to start renovating these rooms:


Don’t hire multiple companies at once

Ideally, hire a hybrid company such as Builders London to do the full service. Hiring two or more companies, in addition to a higher cost, will increase the time to complete the project.

Pay attention to the number of outlets

The number of outlets should be considered according to the number of appliances that are turned on 24 hours, such as stove and refrigerator, and sporadically used appliances, such as blender and mixer. It is recommended to have at least 3 outlets for fixed appliances; one on each side of the sink top for the single ones; and another below the top for a dishwasher, which requires a higher voltage.

Pay attention to the installation

Different power outlets require different installations. Ideally, keep in mind which devices will be used in the environment in question. In a single circuit, the most energy consuming device ends up causing the least energy consuming device to perform with a disability.

Know which appliances to install

Some equipment such as a dishwasher and electric oven require a separate circuit. This specification is described in the appliance manual itself. Ideally, you should design all needs before you start remodeling to avoid further problems.


Have the project in hand

It describes all electrical points and piping. A tip for these cases is to try to draw a draft together with the owner and do not forget: when completing the construction of a house is extremely necessary to keep the project well.