5 Things to Look for when Hiring a Licensed Electrician in Reno & Sparks, NV


5 Things to look for when hiring a licensed electrician in Reno & Sparks, Nv. When your home requires electrical work or repairs, there’s more to consider than just the cost. Electrical problems are hazardous, and if left unchecked for long enough, they can lead to a house fire! Hiring the right electrician for your project is an investment in your home and an investment in your family’s safety. Here are five things to look for before you hire a licensed electrician in Reno & Sparks, Nv to address your electrical needs.


  • Experience Level & Qualifications

While it may seem obvious, look for an electrician with the right qualifications and experience to complete your project well – the first time around. Different electricians have specializations in various areas of electrical work and may have accreditations to boost their credibility. Ask prospective electricians what kind of electrical work they have done, what they specialize in, and how long they have been licensed.

  • Insurance

In addition to licensure, a reputable electrician should have liability insurance – NEVER hire an electrician without verifying that they have insurance! In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong while an electrician is working on your property, liability insurance protects you from being financially responsible for that incident. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for proof of insurance, and any credible electrician will have no problem showing you their documentation.

  • Estimates

Just as you want your project to be done well (and within budget), a trustworthy electrician wants to understand the full scope of the job. Most electricians will provide onsite estimates it helps them determine the best course of action for your project. Some Jobs can be estimated over the phone. Use the estimate as an opportunity to ask any questions you have about cost, timeline, and how many people will be working on the project.

  • Who Done It?

Some Master Electricians have journeymen or apprentices that complete jobs or assist with them, but this is not a cause for concern. Any work supervised by a Master Electrician is his or her responsibility, and they will make sure all jobs done by their apprentices meets their standards. It may sound strange, but it’s common practice in the electrical profession. However, it is helpful to ask your electrician who will be performing the job so that you’re not caught off-guard on repair day!

  • Guarantee or Warranty

Check with your licensed electrician to see if they warranty or guarantee their work after the job is finished. Any reputable contractor or company will typically guarantee their work for a year from the date the project is complete. You want to be sure that they’re willing to stand behind their work, and if they’re not – run the other way!

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