Learn How To Choose The Best Kitchen Appliances For Your Home!

Silicone utensil set - grey pearl

When it comes to buying kitchenware, many questions are raised. You wonder if you are choosing the right items for your workbench, if they have good material and if they are presentable, as you can’t wait to invite friends and family to check out your new home and have them all at the table. for an unforgettable dinner.

Silicone utensil set - grey pearl

So we have prepared a short guide with tips that you should consider when purchasing the accessories that will be part of your home. Keep up!

  1. Understand the difference between the types of pans

The variety of materials used in the production of this important kitchen piece can confuse you a little at the time of purchase.

We have separated the main cookware models below and told you a little about their characteristics to help you decide:

Aluminum pan: This is the most common model due to its affordable price and also because it is the most manageable. However, it is a material that, over time, darkens and creates stains and can be harmful to health because excess aluminum can be transferred to food.

Stainless steel pan: It is the most recommended version for the kitchen, because it is easily sanitized, resistant, does not oxidize and has great durability. Those who choose this model should use Silicone utensil set – grey pearl to avoid scratches as other materials can cause scratches and damage to their surface.

Ceramic pot: This is considered by many to be the most beautiful version due to its design. In addition, it is nonstick, heats faster, keeps food hot longer and is easy to sanitize.

  1. Give preference to non-wood kitchen utensils

Popular items like the cutting board and wooden spoon, for example, are unhygienic because they are more prone to bacterial growth. This is because germs accumulate during cutting or handling of food in the wood slot.