How to Clean the Apartment Before You Leave It

How to Clean the Apartment Before You Leave It

The process of residential change can be exhaustive and bring with it several bureaucratic steps. It is necessary to keep in mind that it is the requirement before leaving the home as decided in lease agreement, taking into consideration the cleaning of property and stabilization of your furniture. This is a common part of end of tenancy cleaning. To get done this job, most people prefer to hire end of tenancy cleaning company London.

How to Clean the Apartment Before You Leave It

Common factors of end of tenancy cleaning

Spider webs

When cleaning the home, you need to be aware of the smallest details. Begin this cleaning by removing any possible cobwebs on your walls or ceiling in all rooms. They can be easily reached through the use of brooms or other long-range objects.

Windows and doors

You can choose to clean them at the beginning, or clean the room by eliminating each part of your house as a whole. However, the dirt contained in both windows and doors should not be ignored.


The cleaning of the walls must be done, taking into consideration the correction needed by each of them. Remove all previously inserted nails and screws, not only on walls, but also on ceilings and doors. After removing them from the wall, specifically, close the holes caused by them with dough and let it dry. Afterwards, grind the dough until it is smooth and level with the wall, and then clean the floor of the room.


To clean the kitchen, you can fill the sink thoroughly with water and apply detergent inside. This mixture will avoid the expense of both products and will provide a cleaning as effective as washing and applying the product to each surface to be cleaned.

In case of built-in cabinets, remove the waste. With a kitchen sponge, wipe the inside of the cabinets with water and detergent.