How to Make a Green Log Burner


The cold is coming and nothing better than enjoying a hot drink, a blanket and, why not, at the foot of a fireplace? Forget those huge, barbecue-like fireplaces that are difficult to ignite that release that smoke and can make you smoke quickly. Continue reading this article and learn how to make an ecological log burner in Bradford.


Ecological fireplaces are the evolution of conventional fireplaces; they can have the most varied shapes and decorations. Besides being smaller and more practical than the old ones, the ecological fireplaces are called so because instead of being fueled by firewood they are fed to bio-ethanol, a type of alcohol that does not generate smoke and nor pollutants when burned like wood burning stove Bradford.

Despite variations in shape and size, they all have the same principle: they are made from a burner, a stainless steel case. This piece can be placed embedded in a stone, within the space of conventional fireplaces, inside real glass aquariums, some even with wheels so you can take it wherever you want.

An alternative for those who want to enjoy one of these eco-friendly fireplaces and prefer to have a completely personalized, besides a more affordable price, can make their own stoves in Bradford.

This will require the assistance of professionals, but nothing very exceptional: a locksmith and a welder will solve all your problems, including some locksmiths may have welders and shorten their work.

The first step is to choose the dimensions of your burner, which in practice is nothing more than a box with a fixed lid and an opening.

For example, a burner of 30 centimeters in length, 15 in width and 7 in height is suitable. The cover should be wider than the base, something around 32×17 centimeters in case you wanted to embed it in a stone, for example. Ask for the lid to have an opening like a 2-centimeter cut, where you put the bio-ethanol and where the fire will go out.