How Does The Garage Door Sensor Work?/ Everything You Need To Know!


The reason your garage door is responsive and doesn’t open when someone or something is on the way to it is possible just because of the sensors. Sensors are the things that make all these things possible. However, have you ever thought that how does garage sensor work?

It’s obvious you’ve thought about this. We will explain what goes behind garage door sensors in this quick article.

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Garage sensors: what are they?

Garage sensors are safety sensors installed on garage doors. The main purpose behind their creation is our safety. When something comes in the way of the door, sensors sense that thing and don’t let the garage door close.

This way, the thing that was in the way doesn’t get harmed. Not only things, but people, especially our kids and pets, can come in the way of the garage door when you’re closing it.

If a door falls on a person or an animal, they may be injured. Thanks to the sensors which keep us safe from such accidents.

How Does a Garage Sensor Work?

As soon as the door is opened, the sensors produce a low-voltage infrared beam that completes the electrical circuit. When people, animals, or objects are in the opening of the garage door, sensors prevent it from closing on them.

On either side of every door opening, sensors are installed above the floor. If something is blocking the doors, the sensors prevent them from closing.  The majority of garage door openers are remote-controlled and are wired to the house.

By doing this, you can open and close the door while you’re sitting in your car. Also, you can use the buttons to open or close the doors.

If we talk about the past, then garage doors only had buttons to be closed or opened. However, this was an effort-taking task.

So, the manufacturers got a little creative and made a remote control that you can use. Also, the buttons are still there in case you have to use them to open up the doors.

That’s how does garage sensors work.

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How does the garage sensors work? Now you know how they work. Comment below if you have any questions. You’re welcome to reach out to us.

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