Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blind


They dress the windows and make all the difference in the decor. Produced with technological fabrics that combine beauty and functionality, quite a lot of models of curtains and outdoor blinds help to reduce heat entering the environment, protect furniture and coverings from solar radiation, reduce external noise, inhibit dust accumulation, among a lot of other advantages.


Are you going to buy a curtain or blind and are in doubt? Check out our tips for choosing the perfect curtain or blind for your room!

1- Curtains and blinds add a final touch to the decor, so it’s the most excellent to buy them after you’ve defined the furniture, wall coverings and colors.

2- Earlier than buying a curtain or blind, consider in detail the window you are going to cover. If the landscape is attractive and with good light, try to not choose dark colors. Select for light, lightweight fabrics as an alternative over another that allow you to view the landscape. It is worth remembering that very light fabrics do not block passage through the entry of sunlight, for that, it is necessary to complement it with a roller blind, which is great for blocking the entry of UV rays. But if the view isn’t the best, bet on cheerful and colorful fabrics.

3- Curtains and blinds with neutral elements go well in any style of decoration and favor small spaces.

4- Printed curtains and blinds, in strong colors, made of fiber or wood in a natural tone, create a relaxed atmosphere and favor large spaces.

5- The blinds do not need to cover the entire wall, from ceiling to floor. You can leave a drop of about 4 inches on each side and about 8 inches below the sill. As for the curtains, the ideal is that they fill the entire wall from ceiling to floor.