Types Of Borewell Machines

Trolly Mounted Machine

There are different kinds of borewell machines available in the market. Most common used drilling machine we are going to mention is as below:

  1. DTH 
  2. Rotary
  3. Trolly Mounted
  4. Tractor Mounted
  1. DTH Borewell Machine

DTH Borewell MachineDTH borewell machine is truck mounted machinery for digging the hard rock and the high depth borewells. It can drill around 2500ft of the borewells. DTH is a pair of two, one is rig machine and another is a borewell compressor. 

Pricing – it cost 1Cr – 2Cr with 2 Ashok leyland or Tata trucks.

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  1. Rotary Borewell Machine

Rotary Borewell Machine

Rotary machine is a small machine in compression of DTH. It can drill in smooth sand, not into hard rock. Few cases it can also drill the very soft rock. The drilling depth of this machine is till the hard rock or around 300-500ft.

Pricing – It cost 45 Lakh – 75 Lakh with 2 Ashok leyland or Tata trucks.

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  1. Trolly Mounted Machine

Trolly Mounted MachineThis trolly mounted machine can drill any small borewell and a smooth sand till the rock and this machine is very less in power but if we talk about the borewell costing it comes to the very well profit of the business. It can give us good profit for any small drill.

Pricing – It cost 10 Lakh – 20 Lakh.

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  1. Tractor Mounted Borewell Machine

Tractor Mounted Borewell Machine

This is a very new and affordable solution for a 500ft borewell. It can replace the huge big borewell truck mounted machine. It can give us good profit and it is a very easy to use machine. Tractor mounted machine is useful for drill piling work and the small borewells. The most beneficial thing for tractor mounted machines is, it can go easily in complicated road ways and streets.

Pricing – It cost 40 Lakh – 60 Lakh with sonalika tractor 65 HP.

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