Is It Possible To Install Solar Panels On Metal Roofs?

Is It Possible To Install Solar Panels On Metal Roofs?

As we know, installing photovoltaic panels on the roof is one of the best options for capturing sunlight and producing the energy needed to supply the entire property. Even on metallic roofs this is possible and we will show you some advantages here.

Is It Possible To Install Solar Panels On Metal Roofs?

Knowing that photovoltaic panels have a useful life of approximately 25 years, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the roof, in spite of everything, it is necessary to have a good structure, which is firm and safe, to install the solar panels.

In this case, metallic roofs, or galvanized roofs, are designed to last 40 to 70 years due to the zinc used in their production, which eliminates the expense of removing and installing panels until their replacement.

In addition, the zinc bath provides protection to the roof against oxidation (rust), eliminates the risk of cracks or breakage and also prevents the spread of fire, making it an extremely safe alternative.

Another important factor is that galvanized materials are more resistant to climatic factors, such as heat, humidity, storms and strong winds, which helps to preserve them and also eliminates the chances of leaks and wear.

All this adds up to the sustainable factor of solar energy, since the metal, when it is no longer useful, can be melted down and reused. Still, the metallic roof can be used in all types of projects, due to the fact that it is produced to measure, avoiding the waste of materials in the works.

Therefore, metallic roofs are an excellent alternative for the installation of Solar Panels Melbourne, providing the necessary security to the property, as well as for the support of these panels.

Count on a specialized team to carry out its installation, replacement or maintenance. This will make all the difference for your project!