3 Reasons to Change Your Garage Door Opener

Santa Clarita

An average garage door opener opens and shuts nearly 1,500 times each year. The problem is, people fail to understand these openers wear out, and needed replaced from time to time. If you have an old opener and don’t seem to change it, let the following pointers help change your mind.


Unfortunately, every street has a noisy garage door. Avoid being that person because its beyond embarrassing. This is an annoyance for everyone in neighborhood. If your opener is loud, you will get used to its annoyance if you didn’t fix it.

Santa Clarita

So, check your opener and see whether it’s louder than your neighbor’s garage opener or not. New door openers use chain and belt drives, which makes them quite. They are virtually silent as compared to an old door opener.

You can consult with a professional Garage Door Opener Installation to get an estimate.

Better Sense of Security

Old Garage door openers offer poor home security. They feature fixed codes which can be easily stolen via radio frequency identifier. It paves a way into your home for burglars. Advanced garage door openers are designed with advanced technological features.

They have roller codes. This means the code changes every time you use the door. This feature makes it nearly impossible to steal the code. This improves your home security, and makes it impossible for someone to break in. You can call a professional Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita Company for advice.

No Keypad

Old garage door openers needed manual operation. If you needed to open the garage door from outside, you needed a key. On contrary, modern models gives you a keypad which lets you program the code.

This gives you a better sense of security as you have complete control over the security code, and change whenever want. Speak to professional garage door repair services and learn how it makes a real difference.