How Can You Renovate The Roof Without Removing The Old Roof

How Can You Renovate The Roof Without Removing The Old Roof

Restoration the roof, completely removing the tiles, is a time consuming, laborious alternative that brings several drawbacks to the occupants of the property. As a result, companies have been striving to develop more practical and functional solutions that offer excellent value for money.

How Can You Renovate The Roof Without Removing The Old Roof

These solutions include the over- coverage of green tiles. With the technique, it is possible to reform the roof without removing the old roof, avoiding the inconvenience, accumulation of rubble and the high cost generated by this type of work.

Do you know in which cases over coverage is indicated? To clarify these and other questions, we created today’s article. Keep up the reading!

What are the advantages of over-roofing green roof tiles?

Opting for over coverage when renovating the roof brings a number of advantages to your work. Understand each one better!

Offers greater thermal comfort

When over-roofing is installed, it creates an area between the new tile layer and the old one, which favors heat retention on the roof, decreasing the internal heating in the building, leaving the building cooler and therefore reducing the costs with the use of air conditioning and fan.

Improves sound insulation

With its eco-friendly corrugated tile overlay, as well as having a much cooler property in summer, you also improve the acoustic insulation of the building, reducing the reception of outside sounds and ensuring more well-being inside the property.

As you can see, renovating the roof without removing the old roof is a smart alternative, which avoids the inconvenience of completely replacing the tiles, such as changing the routine of using the property without causing any damage to the roof structure.

In addition, roof restoration is an economical option that does not waste material, does not generate debris and renews the look of the property without weighing in your pocket.