3 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your Pet in the Garage


Leaving your pet alone in the garage is a bad idea. It’s a health hazard for them. It doesn’t matter what time or what’s the weather outside is, following we are giving you a few reasons why you should avoid leaving your pets in the garage by themselves.


The Temperature

It may seem like a good idea to leave your pet alone in the garage during cold months but it’s a death sentence. Body temperature will rise higher which will lead to heat exhaustion. So unless you want to kill of your pet, don’t bring them in garage for long let alone leave them there by themselves.

Harmful Liquids

Pets, especially dogs are curious, and therefore they can get themselves in trouble. A garage is no less than storage area which stores several dangerous chemicals. So a thirsty pet, let alone a dog can mistake them for something to drink. Here are a few example of these liquids are:

Motor Oil: This is not life threating but if you pet take a sip of this, they can feel lethargic, or slip in coma. Consult with Garage Door Repair company for a safe storage option.

Gasoline: Pets can get mischievous with this one. Consumption can put your pet’s life in danger because gas has high amounts of Ethylene glycol. So they better stay away.

Carbon Monoxide

Pets are more vulnerable to carbon moxoxide than you. Avoid starting the car while the garage door is closed. Let your pets walk outside and breath fresh air to ensure there is no long lasting damage. You can contact Garage Door Repair Services Reseda and see if you can install some air exhaust on the door.

You don’t need to build a cloud of carbon monoxide in your garage. So open the door before you turn on the engine.