Drainage Problem Can be Solved Using French Drain


Standing water in the garden is definitely an inconvenience, which create health or drainage problems in your home foundation. Light or heavy rain will cause drainage problems. There are also several solutions to these drainage problems that are easier than you think. Poor drainage around your house or garden can contribute to mosquito breeding that will bring health risks literally in your own backyard. Some of the diseases include malaria, West Nile virus, and dog heartworm are all associated with mosquitoes. So this makes it essential to eliminate water infiltration and foot to control mosquito larvae.


Causes of poor backyard drainage

Inadequate slope in your home can cause water to pool in holes or depressions. If your neighbor’s land is located at an altitude higher than yours, there may be water drain naturally in your garden. The soil type also contributes one of the main reasons for poor drainage, where clay soils are more likely to retain water in sandy soils. Likewise hard, compacted soil is also more likely to keep moisture from being absorbed properly.

French drains installation

Installing a French drainage can be a solution to your drainage problems. A French drain which is also known as a rock or a drainage earth refers to a drainage ditch in which a discharge pipe is provided, which directs the surface water or soil from an area. French drains installation Portland can be most effective if a perforated exhaust pipe is supplied in the trenches with the rock above and below. This allows the water to flow through the rocks above or below the pipe and be directed outwards.

For the French drains installation method, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and labor, but the installation process is not that difficult and you can program to do it yourself. Even hiring a French drainage Portland contractor will be the best option for you.