The Benefits of Having a Backup Power Generator

backup gen

When power outages last for an extended period of time (days or weeks), they can become more than just a mere nuisance or inconvenience and make your home uncomfortable and unsafe. Beyond that, they can lead to huge financial loses for your household as well. Although installing a backup generator can be a costly investment, the return on investment in the long run cannot be beaten. Below we will discuss some of the benefits you will get from installing a backup generator in your home.

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backup gen

Comfort and Luxury
Backup generators make your life easier during a power outage by keeping your kitchen appliances running the entire length of the blackout. Not only that, they also allow you to use some basic amenities like heaters, air conditioners, phones and computers.

Convenient and Cost Effective Fuel
A backup generator gets hooked up to your natural gas or propane line, making the fuel sources for these generators very convenient. On top of that, these fuel sources are much cheaper and abundant when compared to petrol or diesel, making backup generators the cost effective solution for long-lasting blackouts.

Food Stays Refrigerated
When the power goes out for days, your refrigerated food will go bad. This means you will have to throw it away and spend hundreds of dollars replacing it. A backup generator will keep your fridge running for days until the power comes back, saving you money in the process.

They Prevent Costly Repairs
A backup generator will prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter when the power is out or keep your sump pumps running if you live in areas where basement flooding is a concern. This will prevent you from making costly repairs on your pipes or basement.

When the power goes out on you expectedly, you don’t need to fumble in the dark looking for candles or flashlights, which can be dangerous, as the backup generator will automatically kick in and light up your home.

By keeping the lights on during the entire night, burglars won’t take advantage of the situation and break in using the cover of darkness. This is also very helpful when you have to leave your home at night in case of some emergency, since your home won’t look vacant and attract looters.

Generators Last for a Long time
Generators can withstand the test of time especially with proper care and maintenance. Almost all generators has a warranty in case it breaks in a short period of time.

If your generator do break and need some repairing, don’t fret. Take it to an authorized dealer near you, a repairman or you can even do a DIY repair. You can buy parts from major brands such as: Onan generator parts, Honda and Yamaha online.

Next time a power outage occurs for an extended period of time, you will have peace of mind knowing that a backup generator is there to pick up the slack and provide the power you need. This way, your home goes from being completely vulnerable to fully operational, providing you with comfort, safety and protection – things you can’t really put a price on.