The Psychology of Colors in Identity and Branding

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It is known that the choice of colors in the creation of a project, whether logo, website or even building’s paint, is of paramount importance. Thinking about it, we made a post that deals with the subject explaining, from the beginning, the concepts of paint color, their importance and meanings, and we will bring examples of how the psychology of paint colors can be applied to your commercial building. The commercial painting services can help you a lot regarding this job.

commercial painting services

Applying the psychology of colors in practice

To choose the paint color that will identify a brand you need to understand the concepts of positioning and visual identity. They are relevant both to those who are entrepreneurial and are starting now as to who is designer and will carry out the services for their clients.

Brand (or market) positioning is the way the target audience views a business. This concept is very important, since defining and correctly executing the positioning is what will awaken in people a predisposition to acquire the products (or services) of a brand. 

It is necessary that the positioning is aligned with the chosen target audience, for example: if the company is going to serve the market of women between the ages of 30 and 45, it should use branded components with which these women identify themselves and not elements that attractive to the adolescent public. And this is where you should think about the visual identity.

Visual identity is all the physical and digital elements that identify a brand. Colors, logo, slogan, store, painting, ambiance, uniforms, business cards, flyers, letterheads, website, social network profile photos, language used to communicate with the public, etc. All of this should be used in a harmonious way so that people can identify and associate it with a brand.