Infallible Tips for Commercial Property Agents to Sell a House in Record Time


In a market with a high house stock and limited demand, real estate agents need art and ingenuity to close the sale of real estate. The industry ensures that there are five surefire tips to get it done in the shortest possible time. Setting a realistic price from the start and being open to a negotiation process, these are some tips among them.


The accumulated stock of homes for sale continues to be very difficult to digest in the market, there is a lot of unattractive product, and nowadays their operations have gained a lot in speed.

In this context, commercial property agents have to use all the art and ingenuity to be able to close deals and do so in the shortest amount of time possible. How to get it? They must convince the sellers that it is necessary to set in motion five infallible keys:

  • Fair price: Fixing an appropriate starting price is the key to not having to lower the final price more than the essential. He should forget the emotional price of the house and be realistic.
  • An impeccable presentation: A new home must be shown clean, tidy, light, without odors and avoiding any element that provokes any kind of rejection on the part of the buyer.
  • Agility makes the difference: In this market, the 15 days since the publication of the announcement are decisive when receiving calls and visits from interested parties. “The convinced strategy here does not work and can be expensive.
  • Be willing to negotiate: Unless the seller has lowered prices too much, it is not appropriate to close the negotiations. You can make a 10% -15% counter offer, so it’s best to have that at the outset.
  • Be well advised: Even if, it seems an unnecessary advice. The fact of having an expert in this process is decisive when making the best possible sale.