How to Paint Walls – Best Surefire Tips


If you want to change the look of the decoration of any room in your home, but do not want to invest a lot, or undergo a renovation, painting the walls, or one of them, can be a good solution. In addition to being a relaxing activity for many people, when everything is ready, you will still have that feeling of pride for having done something incredible. But, in order for you to be really satisfied with the result, we consulted two professionals who below reveal the secrets of perfect wall painting.


Organize space

The preparation of the environment and surfaces is the most important part of the painting process. Therefore, the recommendation is as follows: if you are going to paint a complete environment, place the furniture in the center of the space and cover it with a sheet or canvas. Then cover the floor near the walls to be painted to avoid splashing the floor. Then, put masking tape in the corners, baseboards and places where you don’t want to apply paint. And don’t forget to remove mirrors, switches and sockets – if you can’t do that, insulate them with masking tape.

Prepare the wall

And there is no point in applying paint on the wall without paying attention if the surface is in good condition. Otherwise, you will not be proud of the result. First, check for humidity, mold or swelling. If necessary, make small adjustments, such as scraping (if there is flaking) and apply putty (if there are holes or after scraping). However, if the wall is in good condition, prior sanding is sufficient. Cleaning is also important for the paint to be uniform and free of impurities. Then, wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust before starting.

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