Timber Flooring – Benefits in This Choice

floating timber floors Sydney

A few decades ago the main material found on the floors of the houses was wood. It has been widely explored since the time of colonization, but over time it has lost space for other options such as ceramics and, currently, also porcelain tiles, stones, burnt cement, among others.

However, it has been a while since wood flooring has become a strong trend for residential and commercial environments. In addition to its elegance and practicality, this material also gives status to spaces, but that is not all.

floating timber floors Sydney

The timber flooring Sydney offers advantages that make it so interesting to compose the floor of a space. In this article, we have listed some of them so that you know why choosing a floating timber floors Sydney brings so many benefits. Keep reading!

Ease of cleaning

In this matter, wood is unbeatable, because it is much easier to clean than other types of materials. You just need a broom with soft bristles and a damp cloth to make this material look flawless again.

There is no need to wash, apply wax or special products, because in fact this is not even recommended.

Property valuation

The finish of a piece of furniture adds great value to it and, when the material of the coverings is chosen with care, it brings even more status to the construction. Wood is a noble material, so it helps to enhance your home. But don’t forget that it is best to opt for solid wood floors.


There are still those who believe that wood, being a natural material, spoils easily, but this is not true. There are different species that are suitable for different purposes and applications, so by choosing the right way you achieve excellent durability, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the natural resistance of wood, manufacturers still adopt several procedures so that it is properly treated for an even longer life.