What Color Matches Timber Flooring? See Tips and Inspirations!

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A very common question is about the combination of timber floors with colors. There are those who believe that this material can only be harmonized with the base or neutral tones, but this is not true. 

The secret is to know which color matches the type of wood that is present in the environment. This is because it is necessary to create a contrast that makes the space transmit the sensations that you intend to awaken in the people who frequent it.

bamboo flooring Perth

Therefore, we have prepared this post to show you which color matches with timber flooring Perth showing how you can harmonize your favorite tones and decorate with great taste. Keep reading to check out our tips and inspirations!

Choose your color

All wood species, from those with a white hue, through ivory, grayish, reddish and arriving in those much darker, can be combined with colors.

Each of them contrasts in a different way and makes it possible to achieve different results, awakening sensations and giving the space the desired style. But each shade matches best with a type of wood. Contact today with bamboo flooring Perth experts and find the best tones and colors.

Woods with lighter shades

Blue – The blue color conveys peace and tranquility, so the ideal is to contrast it with the woods in lighter or neutral colors. 

Grey – This color has been used a lot in the current decoration, bringing an urban touch to the decoration. It combines with wood of different shades.

Black – As this color is already quite dark, it contrasts better with lighter wood tones. 

Pink and purple – To compose a lighter decoration the ideal is to combine these two colors with woods in lighter shades. 

Red – The red color is very strong and stands out alone, so to harmonize the environments it is important to contrast it with lighter wood tones.