Great Ideas for Unique Business Names


In the world of business, one of the measures of success is the uniqueness of a brand name. For your business to give an appeal to people, it should sound original and fantastic just as how your website’s domain name should be.  But at the same time, the name should be in line with the product or service that your brand offers to the market.

Now, even if your business has long been “existing”; it is still not too late to get the right name for your business. As a matter of fact, even globally renowned companies like Xerox and LG had a change of their names on later occasions, with former names: The Halloid Company and Goldstar Co., respectively. A lot of other companies meanwhile got their names by default and not by design.


Websites nowadays are becoming a necessity and a chance-giver to be recognized by millions of people across the globe without having to allocate a huge amount for it. Websites are a cheap way to reach the masses. However, instant success is not guaranteed. You have to work for it through many ways; conforming to the greatest attributes of a unique domain and business name to name one.

One of the greatest attributes of unique business names and domain names is its simplicity. Do not go for names that are complicated to pronounce or spell. A short and easy to remember name is ideal for your customers to easily recognize and talk about your brand name. Imagine a potential customer that decides to search for the type of products or services you offer online. Imagine if this potential customer forgets your brand name when conducting an online search. That is a potential sale you have just missed. Of course, you would not like that, would you?

Instead, keep your domain and brand name simple and popular by using a name that instantly sparks an interest in your potential clients. For instance, a battery company can have ‘Die Hard Batteries’ as its name as this can instantly imply that the battery is designed to last longer. Other examples of business names that have enticed clients are ‘Comfy Cushions’ and ‘Lean Cuisine’. You can notice how clear the names are that they will quickly provide an idea to their customers what their products are.

If your chosen domain name is already taken and you have tried all means to convince the current owner to hand the name to you to no avail, don’t worry. Another way to have a name almost the name as it is by changing the domain extension. This way, you will be using the same name but with different suffix. If the .com is taken, you can instead use .net or .us. While .com is commonly used, it will just be a matter of how well you will market your brand in the long run. However, always bear in mind to have a name as unique as possible. Think like John S. Pemberton who came up with Coca-Cola using Coca leaves and Kola nuts by changing the K into a C all for an exclusive tag.

Being Poetic Can Help

Unique business names can be coined in a poetic manner. Unleash your creativity by trying to pick a word that depicts actions and then another word that describes the goodness of the product – ‘Fitness First’ and ‘Paramount Pictures’ to name a few. But if you want to stick to a single word, you can still do so but as much as possible; do not lose the poetic touch. For instance, although ‘Cisco’ is a one-word brand name, it still has a poetic subtext. It happens to be the short term for San Francisco and this is somehow depicted on its logo where the cables that suspend the Golden Gate Bridge were shown.


Also, it is okay to remember your favourites in choosing a good domain and brand name. Ever wondered what fruit Steve Jobs likes the most? I bet you know. And evidently, ‘Apple’ is never a bad idea. On the contrary, it is one of the most sought after mobile brands nowadays. As long as you carefully and considerably choose from your list, then you are absolutely good to go.