How to Perform Repairs on Asphalt over Trenches – Asphalt Patching New York

Asphalt Patching New York

One of the greatest difficulties present in the asphalt pavement is the execution of patches. In general, the restoration of the pavement is not perfect presenting many irregularities, besides not presenting a homogeneous interface with the existing pavement.

Asphalt Patching New York

Most often, patches on asphalt pavements are derived from interventions such as: drainage nets, sewage networks or electrical cable pipes. Drainage networks are usually run with underground concrete pipes to conduct rainwater from homes to rivers, in many cases crossings are required to connect the piping of a house to the network passing on the other side of the street. In addition, in the construction of any building, it is necessary to drive the water from the ground to the drainage network in the street, where it is often necessary to break the existing asphalt pavement.

The sewage networks are similar to the drainage network, however, in order to carry out a household connection with the sewage network it is essential to remove the asphalt pavement, in addition, when it is compulsory some heavier maintenance such as a broken pipe or some leakage, many removal of asphalt becomes mandatory.

The electrical, telephone or fiber-optic cable pipes are in most cases located on the sidewalks, but in some cases crossings to the opposite side of the road, as mentioned previously in drainage cases, must be performed.

All cases where asphaltic patching is timely can occur not only on public roads, but also in: parking lots, business yards, condominiums. These interventions are generally performed by digging ditches for the installation of pipes with relatively small widths between 40 and 80 centimeters. As the removed width of asphalt pavement is very small, the respective area for the execution of the patch is also, therefore, professional asphalt patching New York Company can perform this type of service with heavy machinery and hot-machined asphalt.