Moving from Japan to USA

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Planning a move to USA? Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, you need to prepare yourself because this is nothing you can take lightly. There are certain measures you need to take to make sure your move is completed smoothly. To help  you in moving from Japan to US, we are giving you the following guide:


Get Started

Ensure your Passport is valid, applying for a visa is a time consuming process and you may need to wait for months, even if you are Japanese

Make Your Budget, find the residence and basic stuff. But the most important thing is, you should be ready to embrace the cultural change.  First that depends how involved you were in the Japanese culture. Cuisine and Religion is not something you should be worried. America, being a Democratic republic is home to many religions, cultures and ethnicities.

The country has opened its gate to many and this is what makes its food, air and almost everything so rich in culture. For instance, there is a Chinatown in every American city but no American town in even one Chinese city.

Ready to Go

  • See if you have an international driving license, if not, get one
  • Make sure you have all the vaccines you need to travel aboard (even though the Japanese population has highest life expectancy)
  • Balance the cost of shipping like furniture shipped there instead of buying new one. Stay away from large items as they can add up to the whole cost
  • If your move is permanent, then you should cancel your utilities in Japan, clubs, newspapers or any association, you should also close your bank and inform the Japanese tax authorities you are leaving
  • Better pay you outstanding bill in this country
  • Inform everyone you know that you are moving from Japan to US and give them your new address if possible