PABX is Worth it! Know Your Top Benefits


Whether in a company, a condominium or even in certain homes, there is always a great need for communication between people or sectors and to make it possible in a very simple way, it is best to use the PBX.

A  PABX is an infrastructure that centralizes all telephone communication (whether digital or analog) so that the organization or residence can communicate with its various extensions and also with telephones external.

There are several types of PABX. On the one hand, we use TDM technology for both analog and digital systems. The analog uses the traditional fixed-line network for transmission. The digital appears as evolution of analog, enabling features such as automatic line selection, unlimited channel capacity, among other services.


Another option for home telephone system is the IP PBX, a more modern and advantageous version of this technology, which can use the internet to make connections and supports all the features of the traditional system, besides having several additional features. It is based on VoIP technology.

There is also the option of using the Hybrid PABX, which unites the two technologies seeking to harmonize cost and benefit. The use of the IP PBX is an increasingly frequent option, especially for the operational ease and results obtained.

The operation of communication using VoIP is similar to that of conventional fixed telephony. Its differential is in the use of the internet network, a local client data network or a private network of operators for transmission.

Simply put, VoIP communication works like this: Every computer has an IP address, a unique ID on the network. When one person needs to talk to the other, the ID behind the dialed number is that of the IP address.

This connection is made very simply and quickly, and can be carried out through physical devices of the computer or of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, with the use of soft phones.

From there, when the connection is completed, the voice is converted into data packets, which are transmitted from one point to another like the images or texts that we use on the computer.

Advantages of IP PBX

This is certainly a considerable development in the management of internal and external communications. Here are the some advantages of choosing this technology.

Through the IP PBX, the company has all its communication systems connected, which makes it possible to make free calls between departments or even between different locations in the organization. This greatly reduces the value of the telephone bill at the end of the month, which helps reduce costs.

In addition, the IP PBX system presents low maintenance, which, in the long term, also translates into savings, not to mention that long distance calls have a reduced tariff or even zero tariff, since they are done by the customer’s IP network.

Another key point of the IP PBX is the productivity gain with unified communications (UC) that it promotes within companies. Because you are connected to the internet, you can use all the technology features through mobile devices (to which calls are redirected if the person is not at your extension) at any time and place.