Important Tips For People Looking To Convert Their Loft


One of the most popular forms of home improvement right now is loft conversion.

Loft conversion is the process of converting an existing attic space into a usable space for rooms to be installed and fitted out, example: A loft can be boarded and refitted to incorporate a bedroom and  an en suite bathroom, this can add on an extra bedroom on a house and this has a range of benefits.


Tips For People Wanting To Convert Their Loft

1/ Make sure you choose only reputable builders (check they are licensed, qualified and accredited)

2/ Make sure the builders working on your project have previous experience in projects of the same type (in this case: attic conversion).

3/ Ask about previous works, previous satisfied customers and other positive signals that would indicate their success on previous jobs, this is important because as the client you want to be sure they are capable of carrying out the work to the highest standards possible.

Benefits of loft conversion:

One of the first benefits that comes to mind is the increase to the value of a property, a loft conversion can add in excess of 20% onto the value of a home making it an exciting proposition for even the most conservative of property developers: a 20% increase onto the value of a £340,000 property is an increase to the sum of £68,000, when you consider you can get a loft conversion carried out and fitted out to completion in many cases for around £30,000 it is clear to see the obvious advantages.

Another advantage of loft conversion is the increased room (space) on the property, this opens up a number of possibilities for the inhabitants of the home, everything from a study room to an indoor observatory can be added to a loft conversion, some people (strangely) even use the space for an extra kitchen!

Increase in natural light: attic conversions tend to increase the amount of natural light entering a property due to the increased windows enabling light to come in the windows through the sky. This can save on energy bills.

Insulation: typically an attic conversion will involve improved insulation being added to a property in order to minimize the wastage of heat exiting the home, this can save on heating and energy bills.

Aesthetics: loft conversions (once completed) are often spectacular and even though they may require a great deal of work and effort, the end result can definitely be worth it, the increase in space and aesthetic appeal of the home itself can help to sell a house and in some cases can be the difference between a property being sold and staying on the market.

Ready to get an estimate?

This company offers a free loft conversion estimate on a no obligation basis as part of their “free quotation” policy, there are other companies’ that will also do this for you.

Final tip: we advise you to compare quotes from a few different companies’ before making a final decision on who you will work with, but the company mentioned above comes highly recommended by a number of people.