Know Everything About a Couple’s Wardrobe


The double wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom when we think about organization. Despite its name, this essential item in our daily lives is not limited to the exclusive use of couples, but it can also be very useful and versatile for those who live alone.


The main highlight of the 3 door triple wardrobes is the combination of internal space and functionality – benefits that single models often lack. Here’s the fundamental difference: the gain in space provides more freedom and convenience to accommodate all your clothes. It’s the advantage of having more drawers and shelves available, in addition to being able to store a greater number of hangers, shoes, accessories and bed and bath linen without being too cramped.

Versatility for all needs

Someone who doesn’t share a wardrobe needs only to meet their own needs. In this case, if you have a large volume of clothes, the couple model appears as a great alternative to store everything you want. Already a couple should think about the best way to properly distribute the internal space for both.

Generally, a large double wardrobe performs all the essential functions very well, but if there is space in the bedroom, you can opt for the comfort of two individual wardrobes. The most important thing is to always remember that the correct choice of your new double wardrobe depends on the amount of clothes it will receive and the space available in the environment where it will be installed.

The more clothes, the bigger the wardrobe

Now that you have opted for a 3-door wardrobe, carefully check the measurements of the place you plan to place it, as it is a factor that has a direct relationship with the width, height and depth of the wardrobe. These indicators affect, for example, the size of coat racks and the usability of drawers and shelves.