Benefits And Limitations Of Attic Insulation From Outside

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For attic insulation, it is possible to act from both inside and outside. Exterior insulation must be reserved for new construction or complete renovation of the roof. This is a big investment in home comfort and reducing the heat loss that escapes through the roof. Hire the attic insulation Calgary professionals today.

attic insulation Calgary

Benefits and limitations of attic insulation from outside

The great advantage of these different methods is that they all allow thermal insulation without invading the attic space as the interior insulation process imposes. There are certainly some punctual thermal bridge phenomena due to the wooden elements themselves, but the overall thermal performance remains correct.

Likewise, these outdoor insulation devices comply with the frame’s natural ventilation rules. This ventilation is essential because without it condensation occurs with all the degradation that results from it. Not only does insulation performance diminish over time, but more importantly, the health of your roof is directly threatened by the expensive work against treating mold or xylophages. In the deck sacking method, it is the counter-slope that ensures sufficient ventilation. In temperate cradles, the interior insulation does not reach the top of the rafters, leaving a small empty space for the roof to breathe.

Side realization is appropriate when using roof panels to opt for panels whose length is identical to the pan of your roof. This will make your work a lot easier. But if not feasible, there are special products to make the connections at the fault level. More broadly, performing roof insulation on the outside requires a lot of manipulation and requires the presence of large elements to use a hoist.

If you want more freedom to choose the insulation material that best meets your expectations, prefer the technique of decking and herring. Imperative only, insulation should not be hydrophilic and should provide adequate compressive strength.