Why A Roof Starts Leaking?

roof leak repair

Every roof starts leaking at some point in time. If you see a dark stain on the roof or streaks, it’s time to make some repairs. Following, we are explaining some common reasons why a roof starts leaking soon.

roof leak repair

Bad Shingles

Shingles can get compromised either because of bad workmanship or installation. Bad materials, nature and aging can also help. Once the shingles are lost, the roof loses its integrity. But the leakage will start soon after.  Sometimes the issues can be spotted from ground. If you do need a repair, make sure to call an experienced roof leak repair specialist.

Bad Valleys

The Roof valley can be punctured. The metal can be damaged by accident by other personnel or roofers stepping in them or if the maintenance isn’t good enough. The debris build up can also cause the leak.

Bad Work or Building Material 

One of the common causes for leaks in roof is bad workmanship. If the unexperienced roofing contractor did not install the material properly or used low quality materials, you will pay for it sooner or later. Leaks can almost always happen. Leaks caused by bad installation including roof maintenance, membrane or flashing can be punctured in several different ways.

Punctured Roof and Obstruction in Water Flow

Bad ventilation in rooms where moisture is high can lead to moisture being build up and can cause serious damage. So, make sure these places (including bathroom and kitchen) are properly ventilated.

The Roof is Old

Nothing lasts forever, and rooftops are included. There will be a time when the construction material of your rooftop will have lived its life expectancy. At this time, you will need to replace the material or the roof will come crumbling down. So make sure you are keeping up with the age of your roof. If not, then hire a professional commercial roofing Los Angeles to help you out.