4 Ideas to Reduce Energy Costs at Home


In a country where the energy matrix is ??based mainly on water resources, eventual hydrological crises have a direct impact on the population’s pockets. This fact became evident after the recent crisis faced two years ago, in 2014, when the lack of rain caused the fall in the water level of the reservoirs, contributing to a significant increase in the price of tariffs as well as the application of tariff flags, making the cost of energy weigh even more in the household budget.

So here we bring 5 ideas to reduce the energy costs of your home, allowing you to use your money more efficiently. Check below!


  1. Invest in energy-saving applications

Who says technology is not on the side of who wants to save money? Some applications can become good allies when it comes to reducing energy consumption. There are tools provide the user with a calculator that identifies expenditures according to household appliances and residential consumption.

Also identify those applications that overload the consumer light bill.

  1. Use smart home appliances

You may have noticed that the amount of laundry or even washing dishes does not influence how long the machine will stay on, right? In practice, this means that you can wash both a four-pound and a half-kilogram of laundry in the “short wash” program, for example, by spending the same amount of energy. To reduce energy costs, you need to use the appliance intelligently, taking full advantage of its functions. In the case of washing machines and dishwashers, it is always best to accumulate clothes and dishes before using them, contributing to the conscious use of these appliances.

  1. Reduce your energy expense with solar systems

Photovoltaic systems are a practical and easy way to reduce electricity expenses. When installing a system and generating energy through the sun, it is possible to reduce your energy expense with solar systems to the minimum level, which, although varies from state to state.

In addition to being resilient and requiring little maintenance, photovoltaic systems allow you to stop worrying about frequent increases in energy tariffs, generating your own energy in a sustainable and economical way.

  1. Involve the whole family in the commitment to reduce costs

It is not always easy to educate all family members about the importance of reducing electricity consumption. However, it is useless to carry out a series of measures if all do not cooperate in the same way. In general, whoever ends up bothering to turn off the lights and turn off the electronics is who pays the bill; however, it is possible to change this scenario quite creatively.

One tip for anyone who wants to involve all family members in an economics mission is to establish a kind of game, encouraging actions that can reduce the light bill. The first step is to bring the family together and show the real consumption situation, establishing a possible reduction target. Then set points for simple attitudes like not turning off the TV before bed or taking short baths, for example, allowing players to be stimulated to avoid such actions.