The Basics of Gas Springs — What They Are and How They Work


Gas springs are a mechanical component commonly used in various industrial and household applications. A gas spring, also known as a gas strut, is a type of spring that uses compressed gas contained within a cylinder to exert force and provide motion control. Cabinet gas springs are one of the most common types used in household applications, such as for lifting and lowering cabinet doors. In this post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of gas springs and their applications, including how they work.


What Are Gas Springs?

Gas springs are mechanical devices that use compressed gas, typically nitrogen, to control force and motion. They consist of a cylinder filled with compressed gas, a piston rod, and a piston that moves within the cylinder. When the gas inside the cylinder is compressed, it exerts a force on the piston, which in turn generates the force needed to move or control the movement of an object.

How Do Gas Springs Work?

Gas springs work by utilizing the force generated by compressed gas to move or control the movement of an object. When the gas spring is compressed, the gas inside the cylinder is pressurized, which generates a force on the piston. This force is then transferred to the object being controlled or moved, causing it to move in a specific direction or speed. Gas springs can also be designed to dampen motion, which helps to control the speed and movement of the object being controlled.

What are the Applications of Gas Springs?

Gas springs have various applications across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and household appliances. They are commonly used in applications where force and motion control are necessary, such as for opening and closing doors, hoods, and trunks, as well as for controlling the movement of heavy machinery and equipment. Cabinet gas springs, in particular, are commonly used in household applications, such as for lifting and lowering cabinet doors.

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