Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners & Health: Expert Gives Tips on Avoiding Respiratory Diseases

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End allergies by making the best use of your kitchen appliance and bring well-being to your home.

The major cause of asthma, as well as bronchitis and rhinitis, is respiratory allergy. According to public health data, 30% of people have any of these diseases, usually caused by the accumulation of dust mites in places with a lot of dust, heat and humidity.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts

Bedroom and TV room are places where dust accumulates the most, therefore, places where you should do the extra cleaning of pillows and beds, upholstery, stuffed animals, carpets, bookshelves and curtains, most common spots of mites. According to health experts, in addition to dust mites, household dust, animal epithelia, pollens and fungi are also causes of allergies.

Check out how to leave your home free of impurities:

Get rid of what you no longer use

As winter comes, when allergies are high, how about cleaning up what is accumulated and certainly full of dust? Books you won’t read anymore, children’s stuffed animals, objects that are stored for a long time and in large quantities, stacks of stationary papers… all of this becomes a focus of dust.

Take the opportunity to put a touch on the decor of your room and when cleaning, use a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners, which have a HEPA filter, able to remove 99.9% of impurities and prevent them from returning to the environment. This filter also needs to be changed after some time. Visit our Rainbow Vacuum Parts online store to order more.

Clean blankets and rugs with your vacuum cleaner

Long-kept blankets can accumulate fungi and bacteria. To avoid respiratory discomfort it is indicated, besides the proper washing, to remove the mites from the tissues. This can be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner that has a sofa nozzle and delicate surfaces and HEPA filtration.