6 Ideas to Decorate with LED Strips

6 Ideas to Decorate with LED Strips

Decorating with LED strips provides thousands of possibilities. They’re capable of lighting any place and adjust to any level, we can join or cut in order to place LED strip lights in most unreachable corner we can imagine.

LED strips are the most versatile format of LED lighting , in addition to bringing all the advantages of this technology.

6 Ideas to Decorate with LED Strips

Some proposals to decorate with LED strips

  1. An interesting stairs or hallway

We will get a different view of one of the places in our home that are passing through. We can give a special touch to these spaces with LED strips by placing them on both sides of the roof, along the edge of the staircase or railing or above the plinth.

  1. A light frame for paintings or mirrors

You will be able to highlight the geometric shapes and details of decorative objects, as well as create a cozy atmosphere around them thanks to the indirect light emitted by the light of these LED strips.

  1. A different night light

We can hide the light in the headboard of the bed or in the base if the structure allows it. It is an alternative to the bedside night light.

  1. A different point of view in the kitchen

By placing the LED strips under kitchen furniture, or along the countertop we have indirect light throughout the kitchen and very low consumption.

  1. Something more than furniture

Furniture, shelves or cabinets can serve as a very original lighting point. And if you have glass doors or shelves we will achieve an even more attractive effect.

6- Our garden also deserves our attention

Do not settle for illuminating the interior, dare to give a touch of light in your garden or terrace. In effect, LED strips with IP protection are suitable for outdoor installation.