Pest Inspections Protect Your Home

Pest Inspections Protect Your Home

For anyone who owns a home your primary goal is to keep that home in good condition. Combating against that goal are the weather conditions and the pests that invade.

We do what we can to keep our house with the weather-tight. In areas where we experience wild weather, whether that be snow or drought or cyclone, we build and maintain our houses to withstand those conditions.

Pest Inspections Protect Your Home

But what do we do about pests? And if you live in a termite zone, what do you do about those hungry termites?

Treating Termites

One thing you can do is control the pests with chemicals. That can be effective up to a point but it also increases the chemical load on the very place in which you live. And if you are at all environmentally-conscious you’ll also know that chemicals leach into the environment and affect more than just to pests you want to control.

There is a better way. There are environmentally safe practices to control pests. And there are pest inspections.

Many pest control agents will talk about their low-toxic chemicals or family-safe chemicals. It’s impossible to create an agent that kills pests and yet is completely safe. There are ways to intelligently use organic agents that are safe to people and the wider environment. For instance, Exterra use a method of attracting and killing termites that uses CO2. Their baiting system attracts termites and then they use CO2 to kill the termites. This is the system used by Gold Coast pest control expert Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

Pest inspections

Regular pest inspections are probably the best way to protect your property. This is especially true if you live in an area where there are termites. Termites can be invisible to the homeowner while they cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. It is not uncommon to hear stories of someone who discovers they have termites only to discover that the termites have already eaten great portions of the home.

That’s why it’s important to get pest inspections done by a professional, authoritative and experienced pest inspector. They will know how and where to find termites and they will have the latest technology for finding those termites.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the best tools in the pest inspection armory. Pests will create heat. Pests are like any other living organism. Humans create heat where they live. And so do our pests. The thing that a thermal imaging device does is it allows the pest inspector to look through your walls and see the heat signature that is contained inside. Where there is heat there are generally pests. When a pest inspector sees an area with a heat anomaly they can investigate further and find out whether there are termites present.

Moisture metre

The other thing that living organisms do is create areas of moisture. This is especially true of termites because they like to create a muddy area for them to build their home. They also introduce water to soften the timber and make it edible. A qualified pest inspector who knows how to use a moisture metre, will know which areas to check and how to identify areas where there are pests.

Get Regular Inspections

Regardless of what protection your get againsy pests, the best protection is still regular inspections. It’s only by having a thorough inspection can you know that your home is safe.