Find out How much You Can Save with a Water Filter


In the case of the month’s purchases, many families are in the habit of including the water they consume on the grocery list. But is it really necessary? We know that consuming quality water is extremely important, but cannot cut costs in this regard.

The good answer is that yes, it is perfectly possible! And for that, just a GE XWF Water Filter! See everything in this post!


Spending on 1.5-liter bottles

In the supermarket, there are options to buy water in bottles of various sizes. There are those who prefer the smaller bottles, under the argument of always fresh water. In the case of 1.5 liter bottles, the expense at the end of the month is significantly higher. Consider that a bottle costs $5 and consumes at least one bottle of these per day. At the end of 30 days, it is $150 only with the ingestion of water.

The expenditure on 5 liter bottles

Those who prefer 5-liter bottles save a little more, but values also impress. Considering that the 5 liter bottle costs $8 and there is a consumption of 1 bottle every 5 days, at the end of the month there is an expense of $50.

The economy of the water filter

Those who choose to have a water filter also opt for more economy and health. Contrary to popular belief, the device helps to dry the beads at the end of the month. Especially for those who have the habit of buying water in supermarkets. Considering the value of the refill that a filter uses to treat the water and the amount spent to buy the same amount of water as the equipment purifies, the results impress.

A filter with the capacity to purify 5,000 liters may need only one month water expenses ($150) at each filter change.