Colonial Roofs Make the Facade More Attractive

Colonial Roofs Make the Facade More Attractive

The materials used, the design of the roof and the shape of the tile will be the differential in the concept of colonial roofs. Among the most common roofing materials are: ceramic tile, fiber cement, concrete, acrylic, PVC imitating ceramic and ecological tile. Take advantage of the tips on colonial roofs that we have prepared for your home.

Colonial Roofs Make the Facade More Attractive

Colonial roofs require a specific type of tile, ceramic or imitating this material because the colonial roofs refer to the bucolic climate of the countryside and the old houses of the colonies. The colonial roof gives a cozy atmosphere to the residence and defines the architectural style of the facade of your house.

Characteristics of colonial roofs

The slope of the colonial roofs is responsible for its differentiation. Because there are several roof models, but specifically, colonial roofs have a slight slope and their curves are more accentuated than other roof models.

Although beautiful, ceramic tiles are easy to break and difficult to clean. So it is preferable to change the tiles instead of washing them. An excellent escape route is the PVC tile that, in addition to being ecologically correct, has a long service life, allows easy application and requires low maintenance.

The colonial roof can blend in with different architectural styles. For example, the wall can receive rustic coating with hominy stones. The style of the roof will recall the farms of country.

Sophisticated country house with a colonial roof

In addition to being charming, the colonial roofs are ecologically correct. The project prioritizes landscaping and all the decoration elements imprint sustainability.

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Colonial roofs allow the house to always stay fresh

Another positive point of colonial roofs is the freshness they convey, especially ceramic tiles. Ceramic material can be used in different climatic conditions, but in regions with a tropical climate they are a functional alternative.