Roof Types – Which One to Choose?

Roof Types - Which One to Choose?

A very common question among those interested in doing a work is the type of coverage to use. Los Angeles roofer will make it easy for you to find, what is the most efficient coverage? Which is the most beautiful? Which heats less the environment? And so on.

Roof Types - Which One to Choose?

The truth is that there are many types and variations and coverage can be hard to imagine because it requires three-dimensional thinking. Architect Roberto Simões used to call the penthouse “the fifth facade of the building” to draw attention to a point that is often overlooked, and indeed whatever the construction, is a fundamental part of the project.

In Brazil, even more common than slabs, are roofs. Basically, the roof is a mixed roofing system (shingles) with a support system (the lumber).

The tiles can be of different finishes and materials. They can be enameled, colored, natural.

The largest variations between roof types occur depending on the type of tile design. There are many types on the market and we can mention French, Colonial, Plan, Roman, Portuguese, American, Germanic tiles, among many others.

What changes between them is the design of the piece and the way it conducts water and fits with the tile next to it. Choosing the type of tile is crucial as it determines the slope the roof must have so that there is no leakage. Portuguese tile, for example, needs 30% roof pitch, while Plan 26%, which already results in a reasonable difference in the total height of my building ip. If you want to repair a leaking roof, you can go to Blog.

The roof support system is simplified by thirds (the sturdier roof parts) that support the rafters (the intermediate parts), which in turn support all the slats (the smallest, narrow parts) where fit the tiles.