How to Do Roof Cleaning


Removing moss from gutter has become a big deal. Home improvement stores offer a wide variety of products to eradicate mosses and lichens from your roof.


The problem

There are thousands of many types of lichens. Bacteria and fungi combine to create a symbiotic association. This leads to yellow coral as growth found in the cover. It is very durable and will survive long periods of extreme weather conditions.

As part of the growth cycle of lichens if you dig the surface of the gutter, it is the action that may damage the surface. The lichen bonds to the surface at the end causing the flaking and the blister. The protective coating of metal casing of gutter is often completely removed to expose the rust card.

The solution

The removal of moss from gutters can be obtained in several ways. When the lichen or moss has created a firm grip on the surface of the roof, removing them mechanically with a brush isn’t recommended. Moss / lichen should be killed before being removed. If you try to remove it before the root system is dead, you are likely to further undermine the coverage. Moss killers are usually made from a solution with a high content of sodium hypochlorite. Bleach is not strong enough to kill lichen, but it can be effective with light moss growing. Moss commercial killers are 5 times the strength of bleach and overturn both Lichen and Moss.

The benefits

To prolong the life of your gutters is very important to avoid damage of roof moss and lichen. The money spent on cleaning services at Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Cincinnati will be easily recovered from the prolonged duration of the roof. It will also save considerable time cleaning your gutters and skewers. In addition, roof cleaning also shows potential buyers that the property has been well maintained.