4 Main Ladders for General Work

4 Main Ladders for General Work

Touching up paint on walls and making minor repairs to various work environments, such as condos, for example, is only possible with the right tools and brushes. Now how to perform this kind of task in high places? We will present here the importance of extendable aldders to help the work. Check out!

4 Main Ladders for General Work

Ladders for maintenance

Maintenance ladders are the best solution to assist in a multitude of tasks such as: antennas, changing lamps, cleaning, painting, fixing objects and more. But you need to know the usefulness of each to be able to acquire the best that can assist in the work done in your company.


The fiberglass ladder is more durable because it is resistant to chemical corrosion and moisture. The material in which it is manufactured ensures greater protection for those who are exposed to electrical currents from work done on street poles, wiring of various buildings, etc. As much as the ladder provides protection for those who work with electricity, it does not guarantee the safety of the total worker, and should always pay attention to the correct use of electrical protection equipment. The electric ladder can be found on the market in extendible and folding models.


The folding ladder is made of aluminum with few steps to meet the demand of work done in rooms with lower ceilings such as homes, shops, clothing stores, offices and other commercial establishments. Household stair treads may have rubber shoe straps to ensure no skid accidents. In addition to the folding version, stool-style models can be found on the market to assist with window and shelf work.

Extendable Aluminum Ladder

The extendable aluminum ladder has a larger number of steps to assist in work done in larger-roofed places such as industries, warehouses, inventory, construction and other outdoor locations. At the top of this model is a lock to ensure that it does not open during use and casters to facilitate extension and folding of the ladder.

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