Quick Tips to Take Care of Your Saw Blade


The following guidelines tell you how to take care of your miter saw blade and achieve cleaner cuts. See how a little up keep of your blade can make a real difference in the end product.


Clean the Blade

Saw blade needs clean and sharp teeth for neat cuts. The debris from last jobs can be the reason your blade is not performing at its best. This can also overheat the blade, this downgrade the cut quality. Read more about miter saw reviews and see how debris can dull your blade. So, you have to keep such things away from la.de You better get a blade cleaner to clean your blade, and make it perform to specs.

Add Teeth for Better Cut

Most devices come with 40 to 60 blades as standard. This is great for framing walls, or breaking rough stock. But it doesn’t help with fine woodwork. If you need polished and smooth cut, you need to get an 80-100 tooth crosscutting blade. This investment may cost you a but the difference of cut will pay it off. Moreover, a high quality blade with more teeth last longs before you have resharpen the teeth.

Lift the Throat Plate

When a miter blade plunges blade down the wood, any gap before the wood and throat plate leaves the week surface fiber unsupported. This splinters on bottom face. You need to use a straightedge to check whether the throat plate flushes with saw table or not. If there is a gap, you have to stick a few layers of tape down over the plate to build it up.

Tighter Squeeze

Some throat plates can be close on any side of blade if you lose the screws and sliding plates. If the saw has nifty feature, you can close the kerf until throat plate touches the teeth. This helps to create zero clearance for opening the blade. Read more about miter saw reviews for more tips.