How To Do Home Lighting Like A Designer

Kitchen Renovation Frame

If you are like us, then renovating your house is the kind of thing you put a lot of time and effort into because you realize you may only do it once in your lifetime. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it?


With that in mind, we want to give some suggestions that we have found helpful, through trial and error, to making our home look the best it can with great lighting. We have simplified home lighting by boiling it down to three big ideas.

First, think timeless. There is a temptation to just pick up whatever is discounted at the lighting store or something you find at the top of the popular list on Amazon, but our experience has been that decisions like these often come at the expense of a clean, timeless look. Chasing fads or buying things that are going out of style is a great way to ensure your property looks dated within several years. Instead, try to aim for lighting that is classic, has good form, and is made by manufacturer that you trust. There is a lot of lighting that is sold by Chinese companies online, which does not have the same build quality as items you will find from reputable, American manufacturers.

Next, do not be afraid to be original. Nobody said that lighting had to be boring. In fact, good lighting can be a conversation piece. Look at some of these pieces from, a specialty nautical lighting company in Florida. Nearly all of the pieces they sell are reclaimed boat lights that have been fitted with brand-new wiring. The result is a gorgeous light that acts as a conversation piece and a piece of living history to adorn your home.