Which Hardscape is Right for You? Comparing Pavers vs. Concrete

Pavers vs. Concrete

When it comes time to pave or replace that cracked, crumbling driveway and walkways, the choice between concrete and pavers can be a tough one. Both hardscapes have merits, but also drawbacks to consider for your project and budget. Let’s look at a breakdown of the pros and cons of pavers versus concrete to help you determine which material may work best for your needs and aesthetic priorities. Reach out to local paving services for custom recommendations too.

Pavers vs. Concrete

Pavers Pros:

  • More decorative and unique appearance with wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from
  • Allows intermittent landscaping or lawn areas between pavers
  • Sections can be replaced individually if damaged versus the whole surface
  • Drain water between joints which helps prevent icy surfaces
  • Some permeability for improved drainage versus concrete

Pavers Cons:

  • Higher initial cost than poured concrete
  • Requires specialized driveway paving installation for proper structural support
  • Joints require periodic weeding and can collect debris/leaves
  • Existing landscaping may need altering for base preparation
  • Surface can shift slightly over time in very cold climates

Concrete Pros:

  • Lower material and installation costs compared to hardscape pavers
  • Monolithic solid surface that won’t shift or settle long-term
  • Lower long-term maintenance without weeds in joints
  • Faster curing time than pavers to use the new surface
  • Impervious and easy to clean/clear of debris and leaves

Concrete Cons:

  • Plain, monotone appearance without texture or added appeal of pavers
  • Entire slab must be replaced if a section cracks versus individual repairs
  • Runoff water stays on surface and requires more treatment for icing
  • Less permeability than pavers for managing rainwater drainage
  • Requires reinforced installation in climates with freeze/thaw cycles

Additional Factors to Consider:

  • Budget and timeline for your project
  • Aesthetic priorities – natural look or smooth, clean lines
  • Soil drainage properties and local freeze/thaw climate zones
  • Proximity to landscaping, trees or foundations
  • Heavy vehicle traffic on surface or lightly used areas
  • Maintenance preferences – sweeping or pressure washing regularly

Ultimately both concrete and hardscape pavers have merit as durable surfaced materials for driveways, walkways and patios when installed properly by a paving contractor. Consider your specific needs, property’s particulars and budget to determine which option offers the best long-term performance and appeal. Many paving services also provide hybrid options to blend the best of concrete with pavers. Their expertise guides selecting the right product for your project’s requirements and location.

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