When to Rent a Portable Air Conditioner and Its Advantages

portable air conditioner rental

A Portable Air Conditioner works the same as other normal sayings. It has, as already mentioned, the need for an outlet to expel hot or cold air depending on the state of operation.

portable air conditioner rental

Like the others, during its operation it accumulates water. Most have a water reservoir with a capacity that varies with the power of the equipment; this reservoir has a level that detects when it is reaching its limit.

Some cases where only a portable air conditioner serves

  • When can not drill wall or install equipment on the outside of the building. Sometimes by obligation of council rules, when the condominium forbids.
  • When the user is required to comply with the previous rule and needs to air condition 2 spaces but is never in both at the same time.
  • When you own two or more homes, you can take it to the one you need.

The advantages

  • Low Investment: Renting Air Conditioner is advantageous, as depending on the size of the stand / space will require a specific size of equipment. Always buying a new one will be an impossible cost.
  • Avoiding Investment Recapitalization: The investment in buying air conditioner is much higher than renting it for the time it will need.
  • Installation cost per rental account: Unless you already have the professional to do the installation, the portable air conditioner rental company always provides a professional for this task, and the investment to be already in the rental budget.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance – Included, all equipment are always tested to avoid problems, but if this occurs, the company is responsible for sending the technician.
  • Technical Support and Comprehensive Maintenance: For your entire rental time you will have a technician available to remedy any problems.
  • Equipment removal: The AC Rental Company is always responsible for the removal of the Air Conditioner.