Signs That You May Need a Home Water Softener


Homeowners can figure out if they need a home water softener quickly.  They can also find out if their old water softener needs to be upgraded. Everyone knows that a home water softener is an important appliance for most homes, because few homes have ideal levels of water hardness that allow expensive appliances to function properly (such as dishwashers, washing machines, and shower heads).


Here are a few easy steps you can take to discover if you may need a new water softener:

  1. Look at the past few months of utility bills. Compare them month to month and see if there is a rise in your water and electricity bills. This is the number one sign that an unnecessary amount of water is being used due to water hardness.
  1. Inspect your kitchen sink faucet. Unscrew the diffuser and note how much black buildup is showing on the screen. If there is a substantial amount, you have hard water and need a water softener.
  1. Test your dishwasher. Look at your clear glassware. If it is hazy or dull, that is a good indicator that the water is too hard. Hard water can permanently damage crystal glassware, as hard water can “sandblast” the softer glass surface of these expensive pieces. If you catch it early, a new water softener can help remove surface residue that also “fogs” clear glassware.
  1. Wash a load of terrycloth towels in your clothes washer. Don’t use your standard fabric softener. Don’t put them in the dryer, but air-dry them. Do the towels dry fluffy and soft? If not, perhaps your water is hard, and perhaps your hard water is making you use three times more of your laundry detergent than is needed.
  1. If you already have a home water softener, check to make certain it is working efficiently. You can easily have your current equipment assessed for free.

If your water is too hard – don’t wait and allow your glassware, appliances, pipes, faucets, etc. to wear out! Home water experts will not only test your water – they will inspect your equipment as well. The modern technology found in a high-efficiency water softener is going to make an even bigger difference you can feel at home and in your wallet.

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