In the previous article, I gave you details about the definition as well as the pros and cons of the best demo account. Thus, today I shall not repeat such information; instead, I will focus more on their features.

Fundamental information of a forex demo account:

It can be said that demo accounts are really similar to normal accounts; however, we cannot use them as the real ones. Let me give you an example of an online game: You can win lots of games or lose several ones by using a demo account, but the results will never influence your real account because you are provided an account to practice.

Also, demo accounts give you the live site access which has in real account so that you can practice trading.

From that, you can see that forex demo accounts are beneficial for you in multiple ways. Specifically:

  1. They enable you to get the knowledge of the mechanism of forex trading.
  2. You will never lose or gain anything from the demo trading
  3. They give you good opportunity to learn the forex strategies.


Features of a demo trading account

Followings are some highlight features of the forex demo accounts which you should remember:

  • They enable you to buy and sell prices at real live values from the best forex brokers.
  • They credit the bulk virtual money.
  • They are available 24 hours and 5 days per week.


In spite of the fact that the demo records will acquire the highlights and have every one of the capacities in recreating the genuine markets, they do now and then work in a situation that is 100% mimicked. Henceforth it is commonly that there will be key contrasts which regularly separate them from the genuine records.

However, this will have their absence of stipulations on the stay foreign exchange exhibit liquidity. Furthermore, the accessibility of more than a few gadgets right here can be seen that may additionally no longer be taken into account replacing on the stay foreign exchange accounts.

Here is the list of the most referred demo account brokers: are my picks for the best demo account brokers:

  1. Exness accounts
  2. Hotforex accounts
  3. XM accounts
  4. FBS accounts

This is the end of the article. For more details regarding the best forex demo accounts, please visit our website. Thanks for reading.