The Zipscreen and How to Use it?


A zipscreen is a vertical awning with zipper. The Zipscreen was originally developed by the Japanese and after years the patent was revoked. Thus, international sun protection companies were able to develop the Zipscreen technically and to manufacture it. The Zipscreen no longer has to be imported as long from Japan. Accordingly, the prices and delivery times for the Zipscreen lowered.


Difference between Zipscreen and other screens

In the wind stability, size and the visual appearance are the most significant differences. The Zipscreen blind is provided in the side rail with a zipper. This ensures, as at a tent entrance, for a taut and less wind-prone cloth.

What can you do with a Zipscreen?

  • Inside daylight blind
  • Inside blind
  • Internal antiglare blind
  • Inside dimming systems
  • Film screens for indoor or outdoor
  • Advertising medium as a photo lounge or flexible backdrop
  • Room divider
  • Facade awnings
  • External blackout systems
  • Insect protection.

As with the installation situation, there are also many options for selecting the right curtain for your textile screens.

In the case of textile screen hangings, we differentiate between covered hangings and others:

  • Transparent transparencies
  • Transparent textile screens
  • Translucent privacy screens
  • Anti-glare screens for pc workstations
  • Darkening textile screens for sleep conference or examination rooms
  • Digital individual prints as a room divider, advertising medium or photo lounge
  • Insect screen
  • Movie screen
  • Sound absorber
  • Fire protection.

Textile outdoor blinds are highly traumatic sun protection hangings for the indoor or outdoor application. Textile screens are very easy to clean, UV-resistant and can be purchased with different opening factors.

Depending on the technical design of the roller blind, the degree of darkening is increased with brush rails and boxes. The highly tear-resistant blackout fabric is available in several colors and is only suitable for indoor use.