Tree Pruning and Removal

Tree Pruning and Removal

We all know that the tree is a plant that has a woody stem, roots, branches and leaves that generate several natural benefits for people and the environment.

Afforestation is very important within the configuration of the urban space. The environmental benefits provided, such as reduced pollution, reduced heat and noise, beautification and increased soil permeability are essential to the quality of life.

Tree Pruning and Removal

To take advantage of these advantages, it is necessary to keep the trees well cared for and treated. To carry out this maintenance, we provide the tree pruning service in Mississauga, guaranteed by law, which is responsible for the city’s tree conservation.

Tree pruning services Brampton take place to prevent falls and problems with electrical wiring, electric fence, vehicle entry, pedestrian circulation, etc.

The types of tree pruning services Toronto according to the following purpose. They are:

  • Formation pruning: Giving the tree a suitable shape during its development;
  • Cleaning pruning: Eliminate diseased, cured or damaged branches;
  • Emergency pruning: Removing branches that endanger people’s safety;
  • Adequacy pruning: Adapting the tree’s development to urban spaces, buildings or equipment.

How to cut trees

Pruning wounds gives the tree. When done well, pruning helps. When done the wrong way, it can be harmful to them. While pruning a branch, locate the ridge branch bark and the branch collar is absolutely essential.

To cut these areas of the tree is healthy and should be avoided. These areas contain chemicals that help to stimulate the growth of corns and protect the wound.

Cut a small notch at the base of the branch. It keeps the peel split off when you make another cut. Giving a relief cut out of the cutout notch. You drop the weight of the branch and help you make final cut without falling or splitting the branch. The final version must be the right one. All of these cuts require professional tree cutting know-how to give the right cut.